About Us

For decades, Silpada has been making high-quality silver jewelry products that have delighted millions of women. Silpada’s story dates back to 1997, when two friends began selling their own designs at get-togethers, merging style and socializing. Although the business model evolved throughout the years, our dedication to creating unique silver jewelry has remained. Holding true to Silpada’s origins, we consider each and every one of our customers to be a friend. This is why we proudly commit to the highest standards of excellence and craftsmanship, and are confident that you’ll love our designs as much as we do.

Our Story

In 2016, Silpada was acquired by Richline Group, a Berkshire Hathaway Company and one of the largest jewelry manufacturers in the world. This acquisition enabled us to expand our online presence, bringing jewelry to more people around the world, and become part of a larger family of jewelry brands, giving us access to a breadth of new styles and artisans. Since 1982 Richline Group has been committed to ethically manufacturing and sourcing high quality sterling silver jewelry in a responsible manner. The company continues to expand throughout the years and now has four worldwide direct to consumer jewelry brands - Silpada, Gemvara, Welry, and Honora. To learn more about our ongoing initiatives to improve jewelry production around the world, please visit RichlineGroup.com.

“i still wear my very first
piece i purchased years ago,
as well as many pieces
i’ve owned since.”

– christina f.

“i’m only a silpada lover.
i haven’t worn any other
jewelry for the past
6 years.”

– evelyn j.

“i made a list 2 pages long
of pieces that i want.
all i can say is gorgeous,
gorgeous, gorgeous!”

– leslie b.

Our Promise to You

Our core belief is that beauty should be a source of confidence. We believe that our differences make us extraordinary and that lasting beauty grows from the inside. No two women are the same, no two journeys are identical, and no two products should be exactly alike either. Silpada celebrates this uniqueness through artisan jewelry, finished with handmade details and built to last.